Alden for Winn Perry Rd.2

After the round of Alden for Winn Perry Longwings came in, I couldn't wait until another batch of make ups showed up.  Now round 2 of our Fall make ups has arrived and I'm feeling the excitement again.

This one is based on Alden's Navy Blucher High Boot.  The inspiration for the Winn Perry model came from a pair of "Pershing" Trench Boots, also referred to as "Little Tanks".  When the Pershing Boots were received in 1918, the soldiers of the U.S. 1st Division rubbed them with a treatment, which consisted of 2 parts beef tallow (beef fat basically) to 1 part Neatsfoot oil.  This experiment, referred to as "dubbing", was supposed to make the boots more waterproof and gave them a darker, oiled appearance. 

For our "Little Tanks", we made them to Alden New England standards with a heavily oiled reverse chamois leather and Alden's plantation crepe sole with leather tip.  This combination certainly makes them pretty weather proof and quite a bit more comfortable than the originals, which had a triple leather sole with iron toe cleats, heal plates and hobnails, a few of the reasons they were referred to as Little Tanks.  While not built for fighting in the trenches, these boots will still be very happy taking some abuse.


Alden for Winn Perry No. 45193 H ("Little Tanks")
Features: Built to Alden New England standards, Heavily oiled tobacco
reverse chamois leather, agatine eyes and hooks, flat wax cotton laces,
full regular welt w/ light antique finish, plantation crepe sole w/ leather tip,
full leather linings, cork insole w/ steel shank, unique diamond cut backstay
Sizes: 8D, 8.5D, 9D, 9.5D, 10D, 10.5D, 11D, 11.5D, 12D
Last: Barrie (runs 1/2 size larger than standard US sizing)
Price: $425

November 14, 2009 by Jordan Sayler
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Tuco said:

These are amazing. Any chance of a re-stock?

Chris said:

I agree, some high-res pictures would be very appreciated!

Paul said:

Duuuude, please start posting some larger pics!

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