Update: Alden Trunk Show

On Friday Feb. 12, 2010,  Alden representative Nate Humble will be in Portland, showcasing Alden’s range of high quality US made shoes and boots.  He will be performing fittings for customers and explaining what makes the construction of Alden shoes so unique.  For customers interested in Alden’s special make up program offered through Winn Perry we will be 
taking ideas from you for styles that you would like to see produced and previewing the styles that we will be producing for Spring and Fall.  This will include a new round of pre-orders for new models, as well as, our already established 97786 Double Waterloc Longwing (pictured above) and 45193H Reverse Chamois Boots ("Little Tanks").

Alden Shoe Co. has been producing hand made footwear in Middleborough, MA since 1884.  At a time when most US shoe factories have chose to outsource manufacturing or have simply ceased operation, Alden is producing some of the highest quality footwear in the world all in the United States.  In it’s 125 years of operation, the company has established a reputation around the globe as a preeminent producer of shoes and boots, utilizing outstanding materials such as, Horween shell cordovan.

To up the ante, we will be showcasing for the first time a special run of Makr Flap Wallets crafted from Horween shell cordovan.  These minimalist wallets are hand sewn and burnished in Orlando, FL and show the true beauty of Horween’s shell cordovan, known as one the highest quality leathers in the world.  Makr crafts small batches of high quality carry goods from durable materials such as canvas and leather.  Makr Carry Goods are based solidly on a foundation of purpose and functionality.  Designed utilizing the best of both traditional and modern techniques Makr creates unique designs that stand with integrity and soul.

Refreshments will be on hand from Hopworks Urban Brewery and House Spirits.  Hopworks is an award winning Portland brewery specializing in the use of organic ingredients and sustainable processes, even firing their brew kettles with biodiesel made from their own kitchen fryer oil.  From the Organic Lager, to the Hopworks IPA, and Survival Stout, Hopworks offers a diverse range of organic brews that you can't help but feel great drinking. 

House Spirits is a Portland craft distillery creating a beautiful range of quality spirits stamped with the taste and flavor of the Pacific Northwest.  Creators of the renowned Aviation Gin, House Spirits also has several unique offerings from their limited release line, recently including my favorite, House Spirits Whiskey.

Event: Alden Trunk Show
Date: Friday Feb. 12, 2010
Time: 6:30PM-8PM
Location: Winn Perry
Address: 2505 SE 11th Ave. #102
Portland, ORE. 97202
RSVP: jordan@winnperry.com

February 10, 2010 by Jordan Sayler
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