Re-stock Alden Tobacco Reverse Chamois Boots

Last Fall when we rolled out the "Little Tanks" as they were dubbed, I gave the story of their military inspiration and the idea behind their function.  After months of use they have lived up to their billing, in my opinion, as being a knock around boot that can withstand the constantly wet Winter and Spring that Portland offers up each year.  Most recently, the weather has put them through their paces and they have handled beautifully as I walk my dog in the morning through the downpour of precipitation that ended up flooding the creek by our house.  The only thing that's left dry when this happens is my feet. 

After these times, I let the boots rest for the next day, brush them and dub them with a bit of leather dressing every couple of soaks or as needed and they are no worse for wear.  Alden's plantation crepe sole is extremely comfortable and hard wearing, not to mention waterproof and the Horween oiled reverse chamois leather just doesn't seem to age, even after being soaked many times and becomes more comfortable with each wearing.

Alden for Winn Perry No. 45193 H ("Little Tanks")
Features: Built to Alden New England standards, Horween oiled tobacco
reverse chamois leather, agatine eyes and hooks, flat wax cotton laces, 360 regular
welt w/ light antique finish, plantation crepe sole w/ leather tip, full leather linings,
natural cork insole, triple ridged steel shank, unique diamond cut backstay
Last: Barrie (runs 1/2 size larger than standard US sizing)
Sizes: 8.5D, 9D, 9.5D, 10D, 10.5D
Price: $425

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June 11, 2010 by Jordan Sayler
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