Interviewing Winn Perry

A friend of ours, Mr. Jacob Hinmon, is a family man, stylish gent, and all around good guy.  Jacob is also a very talented video producer, running his company Four + One Productions by day.  While in town one day, the idea came to him to shoot a short video about the store and I, giving people who may be interested a bit more introspective look at what it is that makes me tick.  He came by the other week with good friend and excellent photographer Kelly James to shoot video and ask questions about the store and my life in general.  I think the end result is a beautifully made video, that I am proud to say I could be a part of and happy to give Jacob and Kelly all of the credit for.  Great job guys!

July 09, 2010 by Jordan Sayler
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Nevada said:

How cool was that???
I’ve always loved your store. It’s a huge gift to Portland and to men who care about fashion that is both hard-wearing and timeless.

Mitch said:

This is great! I’m very happy to get such a beautiful look at the store and the philosophy behind it.

I love that phrase, that something has “make to it.” I first heard it from Adam at Alden of Carmel.

MOA said:

It has been sometime since I stopped in sir. I owe you a vist.

Great video Jordan.

Winn Perry is one of the best in the NW… check it next time you are in the Portland

Matt said:

Looking cool, my friend!

Sol said:

wow fantastic.
Jordan, you are great gentle man. ^^

alex said:

looking forwar for your natural chromexcel long wing!!! Nice artical!!!

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