Alden 40713H Shell Cordovan Double Waterlock Captoe Boot

The third and final version of the Alden Double Waterlock Captoe Boot from out previous orders comes in lustrous Horween Color 8 Shell Cordovan. A distinguishing detail from the earlier versions is a regular welt and close heel, giving the boot a more tailored feel. Another characteristic of this boot is the perf tip cap toe. The diamond cut back stay also stands out from Alden's traditional square top back stay.

Color matching eyelets with speed hooks and a color matching edge finish keep the time honored traditions of the style, while the signature Double Waterlock oiled leather sole pairs with the rest of the boot handsomely and increases the lifespan of your leather sole on wet surfaces.

Alden 40713H Shell Cordovan Double Waterlock Captoe Boot - Available Here

January 28, 2011 by Jordan Sayler
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