Alden 40023 Chromexcel Workman Oxford

This ruggedly styled mocc toe from Alden is based on the #40 pattern, also referred to as the low cut Indy. This pattern features a more supportive 6 eyelet blucher lacing pattern, locking your heel back inside the full heel counter and providing a great deal of comfort when standing or walking for long periods of time. Crafted from Horween brown Chromexcel leather, this shoe has the distinctive look of handmade imperfection that will develop a rich patina over time. Distinguishing details of this model include 6 matching metal eyelets and a flat 360 welt with natural finish and white stitching. The addition of Alden's signature doubler waterlock oiled leather sole provides the handsome look of a leather sole, while making it more ideal for the soggy climate of the Northwest.

This model also features a hard rubber heel produced by the Essex Rubber Co. of Trenton, NJ. The "ERCO" heel provides durability, traction, and comfort giving the shoe a solid foundation under foot white puddle jumping Portland streets 3 seasons of the year. Made to Alden New England standards, these shoes feature full leather linings, natural cork insole, full heel counters and tempered steel shank through the arch for lasting comfort and support.

Alden 40023 Chromexcel Workman Oxford - Available Here

February 10, 2011 by Jordan Sayler
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