Celebrating the Authentic with New England Shirt Co.

Just like the values we hold dear here at Winn Perry, the values of New England Shirt Co. are simple; create beautiful, long-wearing clothing with a strong thread of integrity running right through it. We admire New England Shirt Co.'s shirts because they are not complicated or fussy. They are simply genuine, honest, and well made. Clothing like that is what we associate with the soul and character of New England... Tailored, but easy, with a deep appreciation for its history and consummate beauty.

An Appreciation For History

Fall River, Massachusetts was once the largest cotton textile center in the United States. The first Fall River spinning mill opened in 1811 and hundreds of others followed, taking advantage of the abundant waterpower provided by the Quequechan River.

For nearly two centuries, the Fall River textile industry flourished, until late in the 20th century foreign competition began to steadily wear away at the US apparel industry. Since then, most of the factories that once clothed America have been shuttered and abandoned. One of the last remaining apparel factories in the area is the New England Shirt Co. For more than 75 years, the New England Shirt Company factory on Alden Street has remained in continuous operation.

It is companies like New England Shirt Co. that all of us at Winn Perry believe deserve our appreciation and patronage. To see our Winn Perry collection of New England Shirt Co. shirts stop by the store at 209 SW 9th Ave. Portland, OR or visit winnperry.com.

May 09, 2014 by Jordan Sayler