GQ How To: How to Maintain Your Footwear

Tomorrow we are hosting our second event for GQ How To Month in partnership with Alden and JD's Shoe Repair. Swing by 209 SW 9th from 6-8pm for a rundown on how to maintain your footwear and bring in a pair for of shoes or boots for a complimentary shine. We will also be releasing two new Alden make ups and giving away a couple of shoe care kits to benefit our neighbors at New Avenues for Youth.

October 22, 2014 by Jordan Sayler

October Event Calendar: GQ How To Month


October 9th from 6-8pm: In partnership with GQ How-to Month, Multnomah Whiskey Library and Winn Perry come together for a night of fine Whiskey tasting.  “Acquiring the Taste: How To Select Your Whiskey” will walk you through the finer points of selecting which whiskey is right for your needs. If you have been to the Whiskey Library, you know they do an amazing job. We’ve also partnered with our friends and local craftsman at Wood & Faulk to make a custom coaster set just for the first 40 people at the event. Last, but now least, will be 10% off shopping the evening of the event. RSVP at This event is 21+.


October 12th at 4pm: Zach Joseph, a fantastic gentleman and musician from Nashville will be stopping in to play a few tunes in the shop. With a voice and style that will stop you in your tracks, Zach has been compared to Bob Dylan, The Everly Brothers, and Roy Orbison. He is on his west coast tour with Ira Wolf and will be performing later that evening at The Secret Society. Listen to one of his great tunes here


October 23rd from 6-8pm: In partnership with GQ How-to Month, Winn Perry presents “How To Maintain Your Footwear” with Alden Shoe Co. and JD's Shoe Repair:  An evening all about fine footwear including the launch of our latest Alden x Winn Perry exclusive make up. Nate Humble from Alden will be on hand teaching you how to properly fit and maintain your Alden shoes and boots. We’re also proud to partner with JD's Shoe Repair. JD and her staff will be on hand to teach you all about about the proper maintenance for your shoe collection. Bring by your well worn shoes for JD to go over your maintenance needs and a complimentary shoe shine on us. We will be offering 10% off shopping the night of the event and giving away complete Alden Shoe Care Kits to some lucky guests.

October 02, 2014 by Jordan Sayler

Alden Pre-orders: 97786, 40023, and 45193H

We are currently taking pre-orders for three of our most popular Alden make ups through Thursday June 19th. If you would like to place a pre-order for any of these models, please indicating your preferred model and size. We will send a Paypal invoice to your email to confirm your pre-order with a $150 non-refundable deposit. Your deposit will be transferred to your purchase at the time of delivery. Free ground shipping within the continental US is included with your pre-order.

Alden for Winn Perry No. 97786 (Double Waterlock Longwing)
Price: $550
Anticipated delivery: January 2015

An American classic, from an American icon. Crafted simply from Walnut Brown Calf, this shoe is made Portland friendly through the use of Alden's double waterlock oiled leather sole. The oiled double leather sole does not allow water to penetrate into its pores, a cause for premature aging of leather soles. The addition of the double waterlock makes this American classic that much more versatile in the Pacific NW.

Fit tip: The Barrie last fits one half size large, compared to standard US sizing. Take your measured foot size and go down one half size. For fit questions, please contact

Alden for Winn Perry No. 40023 (Workman Oxford)
Price: $535
Anticipated delivery: January 2015

This ruggedly styled mocc toe from Alden is based on the #40 pattern, or low cut Indy. Featuring a more supportive 6 eyelet blucher lacing pattern, this pattern locks your heel back inside the counter, providing a great amount of comfort. Made from Horween Chromexcel leather uppers, this shoe has a distinctive look of hand made imperfection, that will develop a rich patina over time. The addition of Alden's signature double waterlock sole provides the handsome looks of a leather sole and makes this model friendlier for the soggy Portland streets. 

Fit tip: The Trubalance last fits one half size large, compared to standard US sizing. Take your measured foot size and go down one half size. For fit questions, please contact

Alden for Winn Perry No. 45193H (Little Tanks)
Price: $550
Anticipated delivery: January 2015

The Reverse Chamois Boots, or Little Tanks, are Winn Perry's all weather boot. The Horween oiled chamois leather is turned to its roughout side for ease of care and wear tolerance. As soon as you beat up these boots, clean them out, oil them, and brush them – they will be no worse for wear. The addition of Alden's natural plantation crepe sole increases the Little Tanks' comfort and weatherproofing. The crepe sole is waterproof, not to mention, extremely durable and comfortable for those standing or walking long distances during their day.

Fit Tip: The Barrie last fits one half size large, compared to standard US sizing. Take your measured foot size and go down one half size. For fit questions, please contact

June 16, 2014 by Jordan Sayler

Rancourt x Winn Perry Exclusive Natural Chromexcel Wingtip

Our first exclusive special make up with Rancourt & Co. brings our Pacific NW spin to Rancourt's handsome wingtip model. The Winn Perry exclusive Natural Chromexcel Wingtip blends traditional details with rugged materials and creates a style that is both casual and elegant. Being from Portland, we wanted to build a casual wing that is ideal for wear no matter the weather conditions.

Crafted from Horween's natural Chromexcel leather, this model will patina beautifully with age as the pull up leather weathers, bends, and creases. A handmade Lactae Hevea 'Cricket' lug sole allows for year round comfort, traction, and style, while adding a waterproof layer of protection under foot.

-Horween natural finish Chromexcel leather upper
-Handmade Lactae Hevea 'Cricket' lug sole
-Beaded welt w/ natural finish
-Blake rapid construction
-Antique brass eyelets
-Made in Lewiston, ME USA

Please email if you have any questions about the fit or styling of our new Winn Perry exclusive Rancourt Natural Chromexcel Wingtip.

June 12, 2014 by Jordan Sayler

First Thursday: June 5th 6-8PM

Join us this Thursday June 5th for another First Thursday celebration with Eastside Distilling. Turning the focus to summer, Eastside will be featuring a new recipe made with their very own Eastside Labs Gin called, "The Bee's Knees". Swing by 209 SW 9th from 6-8PM on Thursday to give it a try on us or if you can't be there, try it yourself at home with the recipe below.

Eastside Distilling Bee's Knees
• 2 oz. Eastside Labs Gin
• 3/4 oz. honey simple syrup
• 1/2 oz. lemon juice
June 03, 2014 by Jordan Sayler

Celebrating the Authentic with New England Shirt Co.

Just like the values we hold dear here at Winn Perry, the values of New England Shirt Co. are simple; create beautiful, long-wearing clothing with a strong thread of integrity running right through it. We admire New England Shirt Co.'s shirts because they are not complicated or fussy. They are simply genuine, honest, and well made. Clothing like that is what we associate with the soul and character of New England... Tailored, but easy, with a deep appreciation for its history and consummate beauty.

An Appreciation For History

Fall River, Massachusetts was once the largest cotton textile center in the United States. The first Fall River spinning mill opened in 1811 and hundreds of others followed, taking advantage of the abundant waterpower provided by the Quequechan River.

For nearly two centuries, the Fall River textile industry flourished, until late in the 20th century foreign competition began to steadily wear away at the US apparel industry. Since then, most of the factories that once clothed America have been shuttered and abandoned. One of the last remaining apparel factories in the area is the New England Shirt Co. For more than 75 years, the New England Shirt Company factory on Alden Street has remained in continuous operation.

It is companies like New England Shirt Co. that all of us at Winn Perry believe deserve our appreciation and patronage. To see our Winn Perry collection of New England Shirt Co. shirts stop by the store at 209 SW 9th Ave. Portland, OR or visit

May 09, 2014 by Jordan Sayler

Taste of Portland: Thurs. April 3rd, 6-8PM

At Winn Perry & Co.
209 SW 9th Ave.
Thursday April 3rd, 6-8PM

Join us this Thursday April 3rd from 6-8PM at 209 SW 9th Ave. for the first in a series of productions hosted by Winn Perry showcasing the tastes of Portland. In the first installment, Eastside Distilling's in-house mixologist Benjamin Balzer will be enlightening us with a few of the finer points of whiskey history and sharing his recipe for a confident, refreshing Spring cocktail using Eastside's locally crafted Burnside Bourbon. It's a cocktail he calls the Walking Gentleman and in Ben's words, it's "a throwback without being a naugahyde brute about it."


April 01, 2014 by Jordan Sayler

Now In Stock: Collective Quarterly (Issue 0)

The Collective Quarterly sprouted from a shared desire to explore the roots of the uncommon places and people that inspire us to venture forth into new horizons. Following a select group of journalists on a trip to often unseen hideaways, issue 0 profiles Marfa, Texas – where "you'll find tales of Texas-style justice, a couple who makes boots by hand, a lost Mexican pueblo—and much, much more."

March 25, 2014 by Jordan Sayler

Reverse Chamois at 6 Years

What does the reverse chamois leather look like after it's been worn for awhile? I'm asked this question a lot. So to those who wonder, here is a shot of what Horween's reverse chamois leather looks like after 6 years of wear in the Pacific NW. Time for some new leather tips too it looks like.

March 22, 2014 by Jordan Sayler

The Lactae Hevea® Sole: Unmatched Comfort

Lactae Hevea translates to Milk of the Hevea tree. Grown on large tropical plantations, the hevea tree conceals an exceptional sap or "milk". Spiral incisions are made into the tree’s bark releasing this virgin hevea milk, which is then harvested. The harvest of the hevea milk, far from weakening the tree, actually helps it to flourish. By the time one end of the cut has been reached, the other end has regenerated. No natural forest is cut down. After 25 years, each tree is felled and a new one planted.

After harvest, the virgin hevea milk is then transported to France and refined using an artisanal process consisting of more than fifty operations, all carried out by hand, to produce each sole. It takes approximately 10-12 days to produce one pair of soles. After the milk is poured into steel moulds, a long and tedious curing process begins. This long drying phase enables the moisture contained in the hevea milk to drain away, forming a unique microstructure made up of an infinite number of small air pockets. Acting like tiny air bags, this microstructure is an incredible shock absorber, giving each Lactae Hevea® sole its unparalleled comfort and lightness.

Above images courtesy

For more than 40 years, the Lactae Hevea® trademark has guaranteed the excellence of an exclusive, natural product made in France, entirely by hand and from 100% hevea milk. Each sole is a living product which is enhanced over time by an inimitable character and patina. Its natural material, a hallmark of each model, enabling each sole to have its own life.

Rancourt & Co. Ranger Moc
Reltex Lactae Hevea® "Aspen" Sole
Genuine Handsewn Moccasin Construction
Made in Lewiston, ME USA

Available in Brown Horween Chromexcel or Natural Horween Chromexcel

March 01, 2014 by Jordan Sayler