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Being a good friend to the child

A group of kids sitting on a grass in park

Parenthood is seemed to be a terrifying period for many of us. The responsibility of parents lies in raising the child perfectly, making him a self-sufficient, answerable, and lucky sole. It doesn’t be so simple; you ought to be more authoritative sometimes to bring them into the track. Sometimes, being strict with the children makes them more obedient and disciplined. Few modern parents have considered the option of being friendly to the child finds a way to make them more responsible, independent, and confident. Now, we will look at how being a good friend to the child helps in a better way.

Every soul needs a buddy

Growing up a child from childhood is a hard process for them. Every one of us needs to learn many things from the small mistakes we had done and most of the time we require support or ideas. Similarly, the children will be with a lot of problems but not in the position to reveal that to the parents because they are afraid of them since the parents may get irritated and immediately shout at them for the things which they have done. Children are much scarred of being admonished; this makes them silent on various problems and issues faced by them in day-to-day life and few of these issues are to be addressed immediately with no delay.
If a child is experiencing any problem in the school with teachers, friends, or at home with the siblings, the child will be in a situation to discuss the issue immediately if you are not friendly with them. Even if he/she faces some problem in the subject, the parents need to wait until the result to be published from the school, it is too late to solve the problem. The toddler may not feel free to talk if the parents are strict with them.
Parents are not ready to share knowledge about body safety. They think that the kids are too young to discuss this. This thought is leading to horrible results in the future. Try to break out the wall and speak about the body parts, private parts of the body, body boundaries, body secrets, secret touches. This will make the child feel more comfortable and ready to share the physical and emotional problems.

Be agreeable with the toddler

A friendly parent can give more confidence and feels secured towards them. There is a very big problem of generation gap; this makes the parents and child be far apart. It is hard to tackle but it has got many advantages if the gap is filled. Permit the child to make mistakes, don’t expect hundred percentage result from their first try, let them makes mistakes and learn from the mistakes.
Give them the confidence that you are there to listen to their problems and you are the well-wisher to teach them the right things and can able to give solutions to the problems they are facing. Be the best friend to the child. Make the home happy as you always wished.

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