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Eat Healthy and Lose Weight on a Budget: The Fruit File

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I have prepared a helpful guide for healthy food choices that not only make sense, but save cents. I am an individual wholeheartedly committed to my own health and fitness, but also mindful and excited to share my knowledge and experience with others. I hope others will similarly experience the transformative power, energy, and clarity of thought I have received from preparing nearly every meal with healthy real, natural foods. These recipes will give you a healthy body and mind essential if you are into playing 바카라 사이트 online. This is the first edition released to serve the consumer and is related to maximizing purchasing power in the produce section (as a teen I was employed as a produce clerk) of your local grocer or natural foods store. Prices may vary depending on location or season, but these are roughly what I paid during my last local grocery trip. I have also included health benefits, concerns, serving suggestions, and other pertinent information. Enjoy!

Fruit Prologue: Bananas are likely the cheapest quantity for your dollar choice and are a great source of potassium, but are high in starch and do not provide the benefits equal to some other bargain, wellness-boosting fruits. Enjoy in moderation, they are still great alternatives to other sweets, but better choices exist. Check the amount of sugar before any juice purchase. I prefer saving money and avoiding empty calories with water and the occasional fresh or frozen fruit smoothies. Generally, wild fruits are highest in antioxidant levels and contain less harmful toxins and pesticides, organic is the next best bet to limit the amount of pesticides, otherwise, with other fruit be sure to wash thoroughly before eating. Always choose fresh versus high-sugar canned or dried fruits!

Best Choice Awards, Eat Away, and Save: Grab a bag of frozen berries (with no sugar added) if fresh berries are too expensive. As a strong source of powerful antioxidants, fiber, and respectable glycemic index berries contend for top-wallet and wellness choice. (I spend $2.50 to $3 on a bag of frozen berries or peaches, great with cottage cheese or in a smoothie). Other great choices are avocados (50 to 60 cents each, great source of healthy omega 3 fats, use in dip, in smoothies, on salad, or as is), apples and pears ($1/lb high in fiber, moderate in sugar, and cheap! Great as a snack with natural peanut butter or as an entrée compliment), lemons and limes (25-40 cents each, high in antioxidants, great to eat as is or use to spice up water, healthy drinks, or marinades), and grapefruit (very inexpensive in season as well, high in Vitamin C, moderate levels of antioxidants, and the surprising exception to other high glycemic citrus fruits, enjoy as it is, as a juice, on salad, or as a marinade).

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