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Museum of Fine Arts: Culture Throughout History

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A couple years ago, for my birthday, my fiancé and I made a long day of visiting museums of St. Petersburg Florida. The Museum of Fine Arts was definitely the best and most diverse museum we visited that day. This museum encompasses, painting, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, artifacts, and ancient folk art from numerous countries. Adults get in for less the $20 and is well- worth the money. There is so much to see, give your family a generous amount of time; we spent a good five hours there. Here are just a few of the amazing things you will see. After some fun excursions, you could unwind and play some fun sports betting games via UFABET and have the chance to win a decent amount of money.

Greek & Roman Antiquities is exactly what it sounds like, and are actually original artifacts. The Torso of Aphrodite is one of the Greek sculptures you often see in classic text book examples and dates back to 2nd century AD. I marveled at the old theater coins. Just to think many hundreds of years ago, some ancient Greek held this in his hand on the way to see a show!

Asian Art is also in their permanent collection. The woodworking of these pieces is highly intricate and impressive. Svetambara Jaina Household Shrine from c. 1800 India is a piece that stays with you. This is one of only seven in museums world wide. The textures, ridges, column, even people carve into it is spectacular. Upon closer examination, it looked like pieces of it were intended to move at some point. This section has a heavy focus on religious sculptures related to Jainism and Buddhism. Master skill is evident.

Photography is another medium popular at the Museum of Fine Arts. It keeps a constant change in Gertrude Kasebier and Aaron Siskind. On our first visit they had a huge display of Ansel Adams photography. His focus is on American landscapes and he is one of my favorites. They also had pictures of historical figures and events throughout time. These were in special lighting with a protective cloth to only be lifted when actually viewing.

American Art Collection is comprised mostly of paintings including George O-Keefe and Robert Henri. It also has a room to the side with wonderful American-European styled furniture. It really felt like you had traveled back in time.

European Collection was fantastically displayed. It is like a ballroom with diminutive sized artwork flourishing on the wall. This includes famous pieces from Monet and other lesser known artists but recognizable pieces.

The Art Garden is the passage point between the permanent and current collections. This area has seating to sit and absorb the gothic styled garden with impressive sculptures and vines.

The Museum of Fine Arts has new, changing exhibits every few months so there is always reason to come back. They do an excellent job providing a elaborate information and a quiet atmosphere to enjoy it in. Just remember to respect the artifacts so they can be enjoyed for centuries more.

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