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Types Of Psychotherapy Offered

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A therapist is a huge general category that encompasses professionals that are trained in various disciplines to provide counseling and treatment to the patients. The word therapy is frequently employed to mental health counselors, but it could also encompass others who provide a wide assortment of therapeutic services, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, and others. Someone who practices psychotherapy may refer to himself/herself for a therapist.

Liberty Village Psychotherapy explains that professional therapist may handle different psychological conditions including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, substance abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), eating disorders, and even substance abuse and dependence. The term “treatment” can also be used to define the cognitive behavioral therapy, which aims to alter the way a person perceives things around him/herself, in addition to those around them.

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Counselors are trained psychologists who can help their clients solve problems through various kinds of communication and counseling. Counseling could be formal or informal, and it’s typically done by licensed psychologists. Someone who works as a counselor normally doesn’t have a clinical background in mental health, although many advisers hold master’s degrees in mental health and counselling. Counselors are found in every sort of environment, from hospitals to mental health facilities, schools, halfway houses, and counseling centers.

Social workers are registered mental health professionals that can assist people with many different psychological, physical and behavioral requirements. Social workers work with individuals, couples, families, groups or the community. The job of social workers might be as simple as observing and assisting a person with disabilities to live their life or it could involve working with someone that has a mental illness.

Life coaches are professional life coaches who help people who have an assortment of needs. Life coaches typically teach people how to lead healthy lifestyles, manage careers and personal relationships, develop qualities and skills and make a path for personal development. A life coach can specialize in a particular area such as personal development, career planning or goal-setting. There are professional life coaches as well as self-help books and video which can help a person to check out his or her life and determine ways to change certain aspects. Some life coaches work with corporate clients, while others work with individuals and families.

Marriage and family therapists provide therapeutic support for couples in crisis. Most marriage and family therapists start their careers by serving directly with couples in crisis. If an individual or couple develops a problem that is not functioning properly, a psychologist can provide the necessary support. Many marriage and family therapists also attend workshops and seminars to further their education and gain additional expertise. Marriage and family therapists often work with clients on an individual basis and some specialize in working with children and teens.

A mental health therapist normally uses a psychodynamic perspective when working with patients. People who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders or substance addiction may benefit from behavioral therapy. These behavioral therapies concentrate on changing an individual’s thought patterns, emotions, behavior and communication. A behavioral therapist may prescribe cognitive-behavioral treatment, counselling, medication, or support groups for their clients. A mental health therapist can also refer their clients to other appropriate therapists, if needed.

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