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My Experience Buying Vintage Clothing Online

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I have been a fan of Lady Gaga for a few years and one of the things that I love most about her is the unique sense of style that she achieves. I was able to meet her in person in 2019 during a trip to New York City and I asked her about the unique choice of clothing that I have noticed her wearing during various interviews so I decided to shop around and find my own vintage clothing.

One of the websites that I have used on a frequent basis is because I love the selection within the store. I formally shopped on Ebay and local vintage clothing retailers but I found that these methods would carry a very limited selection. I love this site because they carry over 15,000 items and all of their clothing is true vintage. I love the hippie style clothing and this website offers a huge selection of hippie clothing for the unique look that I love. I purchased the 1970’s Womens Crushed Velvet Cocktail Mini Dress and the price was about $55 with tax. The shipping took 3 days and the material was very soft but the authentic look is what made this dress one of my favorites.

Another one of my favorite sites for vintage clothing shopping is because they offer a clothing selection that includes everything from 1950 to 1990 and I have never seen a store with a wider selection for the various decades of clothing. They also offer gloves and scarves and other accessories that are all vintage styles. I purchased their Rabbit Fur Ski Cap 60sand the price was about $45 with shipping. The item arrives in a week and the fur feels high quality but also keeps me cool in the hot weather. I love this hat because I can wear it with anything and this site has great prices and fast shipping. 

I also love because of their large selection of clothing for males in addition to females. They offer every type of vintage product for males and females including jackets, scarves, work wear, jeans, vests and bathing suits. They also offer clothing from 1930 and this can be very hard to find.. I purchased their 684 Bellbottom by Levis and I loved the fit and comfort. They felt as if they were wore by someone else because they were so comfortable and my aunt loved them also. The site ships orders within 24 hours and the shipping rates were $5.00.

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