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What You Should Know About Air Filters

Before you buy a 20x20x1 air filter merv 13, it is important to know what the MERV rating means. MERV stands as Minimum Efficiency Report Value. A particulate filter is a device made up of porous or fibrous materials. Its primary function is to remove solid particulates. It also includes an adsorbent as well as a catalyst to remove odors or gaseous pollutants. Choosing the right filter will depend on the amount of dust, dirt, and other particles you are looking to remove.

20x20x1 air filter merv 13

MERV rating system

MERV ratings are based on how effective a filter is at trapping particles of various sizes. A MERV filter can trap particles down to 1.0 micron. The MERV range is ideal to capture pet dander, cigarette smoke and other forms lung-damaging dust. A filter with a minimum MERV of 10 is considered a good filter.


There are two types of air filters available: washable or non-washable. Washable filters are more cost-effective and better for the environment. Although they don’t remove odors or dust, they can help prevent the spread of bacteria. A pleated paper material is used to make media air filters. When folded, they cover a surface of seventy five square feet. While a washable filter needs to be maintained regularly, a non-washable model can last many years.


There are two types for air filters: the exact and nominal sizes. The nominal size refers to the actual length, width and depth of the filter. The exact size is the one that will fit into the housing or slot of an air filter. Although the actual size may be slightly smaller than the nominal size it is still significant. Air filters are typically rounded to their full size. The nominal size should be one-inch smaller than the actual size.


There are a number of things you need to consider when placing your air filter in your HVAC system. When placing the air filter in your HVAC system, you need to consider the direction of the air flow. It is important to place it in a convenient location. If you place the filter on a wall, the arrow should face the wall. You should place it on the side of the filter that is closest to you.

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