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Improving the Health of Your Digestive System

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The majority of people out there do not realize how important digestive health is to our body.  By following these tips you can start improving the health of your digestive system so that you can have more energy on a daily basis.

1) Drinking Water Before Meals

Many people to not realize that drinking one or two glasses of water 15 minutes prior to each meal will help your digestive system decompose the food you eat more efficiently. This helps lubricate your digestive track so that food can slide down to your stomach more easily. As a result you will have to drink less water during your actual meal.

2) Avoid Processed Foods

If at all possible you should avoid eating processed foods. The reason behind this is that processed foods lose many of their enzymes and nutrients as they are processed. Therefore, eating organic foods will help give you the proper enzymes and nutrients that you need.

3) Test For Allergy & Intolerance

If you have difficulty digesting foods you may want to consider going to a doctor and getting tested for food allergies and intolerance. Digestive problems can be serious at times and should not be taken lightly.

4) Eat Raw & Minimally Processed Foods

If at all possible you should eat as many raw and processed foods as possible. The reason behind this is that this will give your body a chance to get the enzymes that your body needs. Many of the enzymes cooked foods and processed foods have are lost during the process of preparing them. A good alternative is eating organic foods on a daily basis.

5) Chew Your Foods Until They Are Liquified

Many people do not take the time to completely chew their food. Chewing food is extremely important because it makes it easier for the stomach to digest food. It is a simple equation of surface area. If you break your food up into smaller pieces there will be more surface area on the food that is exposed to digestive enzymes. This allows for your stomach to break down faster and more efficiently. If possible you should chew your food until it is almost liquefied. This makes eating fun because you know that your chewing is helping your health!

6) Eat Smaller Meals More Frequently

If you are still having trouble digesting your food then you may want to consider eating smaller meals throughout the day. This will make the process of digestion easier on your stomach in the long run.

7) Start Meals With Live Foods

If at all possible you should start meals with live foods for enzyme support. Good sources include raw leafy greens, papaya, pineapple, and yogurt with live cultures. This will help you digest food more efficiently.

8) Avoid Consuming Excess Liquid

When you eat your meals you should try to consume as little liquid as possible. If you drink too much water the concentration of digestion enzymes will become diluted. You should only consume enough water to wash down your foods.

By following these simple digestive tips you should be able to start living a healthier life and you may even feel as if you have more energy on a daily basis!

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