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How to Stay Fit and Healthy Without Actively Working Out

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We are in an age where people are more health conscious. One cannot help but feel guilty when all your friends and your parents are at the gym and you are NOT. That was me for years. Somehow, it seemed unfortunate that all my friends, parents and siblings were at the gym and I was not. Somehow, I lacked the motivation to not only workout, but to also start an exercise routine and stick with it. The older I got the more I realized that I ‘needed’ to get fit for me and no one nor guilt was not going to be a (motivating factor) catalyst in my decision to work out. I knew that whatever I did in my effort to stay fit and healthy, had to be my own, and it had to ‘fun.’ After thinking long and hard about what I wanted to do and of course consulting with my physician, I then came up with a list of things that I knew would be right for me.

My focus has always been to lead a healthier life, like you, I knew that the healthier I was the better quality life I would lead. Therefore, it is very important to stay centered and mentally healthy. That means staying positive and joyful deep down, no matter how challenging life gets. Moreover, in an age where everyone leads such a busy life, it’s important to alleviate and reduce the stressors in one’s daily life. This can be done by not worrying, thinking positively and by being ‘present.’ 

Years ago I read an article by David Suzuki called “food and exercise, medicines for life.” In this article he said something that stuck with me: “Food is our medicine.” Like most of you, I have always known, but have never looked at it in that way. Honestly speaking; I have never looked at food in that way. After reading that article there was a shift in what I ate and how I prepared the food I ate. However, to some this may seem quite obvious, because like anything else; the food we eat can either make us feel good or feel bad. Therefore, we have to watch what we eat; avoid fast foods as best we can and try being more cognizant of the kind of foods purchased and how they are prepared. More importantly, try to maintain a daily balanced diet. That means getting enough fluids, fruit and vegetable groups (great source of antioxidants), dairy, meat and meat substitutes (like salmon which is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids; soy or legumes), and grain groups (like rice, bread and pasta).

As aforementioned, Pilates, cardio, or any kind of vigorous exercise is not my forte and that might be the same for you. Therefore, doing something fun; something that is of interest to you is a great option. Hence, walking regularly may also be a great option, because it’s not only relaxing, but its good exercise. In addition, a fun workout might be dancing for some, for others it may be Tai chi. I choose to workout to an oriental (belly dancing) dance fitness video. Thus, dancing my way to fitness! This is an interest of mine and it’s also fun.

I am always working. When one has a career and a family, I guess it’s a must. However, it is very important to take time off. That is something I have learned along the way. When there is a lot to do, it is difficult to take time off or relax, however, there will always be work to do and one needs to give one’s self permission to take time off. Women tend to feel guilty about taking time off, and men (for the most part) tend to be workaholics, however overtime that can be unhealthy. Moreover, it’s difficult to be productive, in the moment or the best you that you can be. Hence time off is a must.

Massage therapy is a great form of health and fitness. There are many different types of massages, however no matter which you choose to get, it’s a great way to relax and eliminate or reduce buildup stress. Moreover, it increases blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.

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