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What exactly is therapeutic massage?

Therapeutic massage is the manual manipulation of the soft tissue of the human body. Most massage techniques can be applied using hands, fingers and thumbs. The goal of therapeutic massage is usually for the relief of pain or body tension. Although there isn’t any scientific proof that the body can heal itself, it will be able to benefit from certain manipulations and being touched and listened to in order for tension to ease. During therapeutic massage, the hands are placed on the scalp and neck.

Origins Therapy

The art of massage therapy has been handed down through generations. Today, there are many forms of therapeutic massage therapy. A good massage therapist must be able to apply pressure properly on patients in order to relieve pain and encourage healing. A good therapist will also have vast experience and be well trained in order to be able to control muscle tension and ease pain.

The therapist can massage the client in a chair, or on the table. Therapists that specialize in therapeutic massage may work privately or become a masseuse in a health care facility. Some therapists have their own offices where they perform these massage treatments on their own patients. Massage therapists from Origins Therapy may also go to the home of a client in order to provide a relaxing massage to a patient.

Therapeutic massage therapy relaxes the muscles and soft tissues of the body so that the muscles can decompress. The decompression helps to reduce inflammation and stiffness. The therapeutic massage uses pressure to stimulate the muscle, soft tissues and nerves. Massage therapy relaxes muscles, reduces swelling, improves posture, improves circulation, increases flexibility, increases the effectiveness of therapeutic movement, and stimulates lymphatic flow. Aromatherapy oil and essential oils are often used on the patient during the massage therapy session.

Massage therapists usually perform up to 100 different massage techniques in one session. Many types of therapeutic massage are available, but most therapists only specialize in one. One of the most popular techniques is Swedish massage which targets and removes knots and tight knots that are buried deep within the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Deep tissue massage is another popular method that reduces swelling and pain deep within the tissues. This massage technique is often recommended for athletes who perform a great deal of physical activity in order to get a feel for how their body responds to stress and strain after a strenuous workout.

A general therapist can perform therapeutic massage or an Assisted Physiotherapy Program. In an assisted therapy program, a skilled and licensed massage therapist assists the patient with therapeutic massage techniques through the use of specialized pumps, rollers, and massage balls. In other cases, the massage therapist may work alone in a chair. In either case, both the patient and the massage therapist work together to provide effective therapeutic massage techniques.

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