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Gas Cooktops: A Popular Cooking Tool

gas cooktops

Gas cooktops are popular with professional chefs for their instant response to heat and their ability to control the intensity of flame. These stoves are powered with combustible, natural gas. They come in different styles to match your kitchen design.

Look for stainless steel surfaces that are easy to clean, and that respond quickly to temperature changes. Also, choose burner grates that are resistant to stains and clogs.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a popular choice for gas cooktops, as it offers a sleek appearance and is resistant to heat and stains. It is also durable, and its non-porous surface prevents bacteria from growing on it.

gas cooktops

Another material that is often used for the cooktop’s grates is cast iron, which is heavy and can provide even heating. However, cast iron is difficult to clean, and it can scratch or chip your cookware if you use rough or metal-based pots and pans on it.

It is important to consider the number and layout of burners in a gas range, as you need to ensure that you have enough power for your cooking requirements. Look for a gas cooktop that offers a variety in burner sizes as well as a high-powered power burner for searing meat and boiling water. You should also make sure the burners are evenly distributed, as this will allow you to have enough power to complete all your cooking tasks.

The burners of a gas cooktop should be sealed to prevent liquids from leaking or spilling onto the cooktop. The recessed burner surface is also usually finished with an easy-to-clean, permanent finish, which protects the cooktop from scorching or etching. Some cooktops ignite the flame with a pilot light, while others use an electrical spark that can reignite if the flame goes out.

This GE gas stove features a black glass top and stainless steel knobs for a sleek, modern look. It features a fast boil burner to bring water or other liquids to the boil in less than half the time. It also includes five flexible burners that can be used for a wide range of cooking. It has a durable metal design, electronic ignition and cast iron grates which are dishwasher safe.


Gas cooktops are powered by burners that provide instant heat control. Choose from a variety of burner sizes and powers. Some cooktops come with powerful “power boils” that help you quickly bring water to a boil. Others have all-purpose burners for sauteing and frying, while some have dual flame burners that provide more precise temperature control for delicate simmering.

Gas cooktops with sealed-burners are the best. This design has a cap that covers the central part where the flames come out. This makes it easier to clean, and also prevents food particles or oil from falling on the burner. Sealed burners eliminate the nooks and crevices where sauces and grease can hide.

If you want a range of burners that is more versatile, look for a top that has a wok burner or griddle built in. You can use them to cook pancakes, stir-fry and other dishes requiring a flat surface. Some models come with a dual-ring flame that can be switched from a single burner for simmering, to a two-flame burner for boiling.

You’ll also find high-tech features like touch-to-turn knobs and automatic re-ignition. Some models have a flame failure feature that will shut off the gas flow in the event the burner’s fire goes out. This helps to keep your family safe.

While extra features can be fun to have, be sure to prioritize strong performance and a simple design that fits your lifestyle and budget over bonus features like a built-in griddle or smart home integration. Before you buy, make sure you have enough room in your kitchen. Some cooktops will require a gas connection. Gas cooktops are harder to clean because they have more grooves and crevices that can hide crumbs and drips. Be sure to use the right cleaners and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers. If you run into stubborn stains on your carpet, apply a paste made of baking soda and water.


As a popular cooking option, gas cooktops have some safety concerns. For example, the flame can cause burns if it flares up or goes out. Additionally, if the burners aren’t properly maintained, they can be clogged with food residue, which prevents gas from flowing freely. Fortunately, modern gas cooktops are equipped with flame failure devices. These devices shut down the burners in the event of a flame that has blown out or been extinguished. Some models also include gas line detectors, which alert homeowners if there is a leak in the gas lines.

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