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New Deliveries from Quoddy

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Kevin and Kirsten Shorey, co-owners of Quoddy in Lewiston. The company makes custom moccasin-style shoes. Two of the most popular models are the $295 Blucher held by Kevin and the $299 women's Ringboot held by Kirsten.

A recent delivery from Quoddy has brought a restock of a favorite from last year and two new models. The navy suede blucher is back and is lined this time for next to skin softness and to prevent any navy from bleeding onto your feet or socks.

Our new models are Quoddy classics crafted from a truly unique Horween leather called “Chromexcel Waxed Flesh. This leather is tanned the same way as Chromexcel, but is finished on the rough out or flesh side. The finishing colors, waxes, seals, and lays the nap of the flesh flat. This gives the leather a smooth, but textured finish. In the past, Horween tanned this particular leather for use in military boots that were worn by Marines in the battle of the Pacific during WWII. The soldiers themselves would heavily wax the outside of the shoes which would darken them and make them more water resistant.

Quoddy Navy Suede Bluchers –¬†Available Here

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