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Types Of Air Filtration

There are two main methods of air filtration, inertial impingement and interception. Both methods use different types of filter media to capture airborne particles. Interception is a method of air filtration that uses molecular interaction between the particles and the filter media.

Electrostatic attraction

Electrostatic attraction is a method of air filtration that uses electrostatic attraction to trap particles. It works by using flat plates that have an opposite charge to attract particles. This method can capture particles in a short time. As air flow rates increase, the forces become stronger and particles become trapped.

Electrostatic air filters from are also less expensive to use and have a low environmental impact. They do not need chemicals to clean them, and can be reused.

Gravitational settling

Gravitational settling is the oldest air filtration technology, and it removes large particles from the air through gravity. This process is usually carried out in a chamber with an outlet and inlet at one end. This device requires low-pressure carrier gases to pass through. The solid particulate settles in the chamber’s base due to its higher density relative to the surrounding gas. These solid particles are collected in dust collectors located at the bottom of the chamber.

This process is not efficient in removing airborne nanoparticles. Nanoparticles settle much more slowly than larger particles so gravitational settlement is not a good method of removing them. Nanoparticles are not able to be deposed because they are trapped in the boundary layer, and fall out regardless if they are oriented.

Inertial impingement

Inertial impingement, a method of air filtration, reduces pressure drop and improves filtration efficiency. It occurs when a particle’s momentum causes it deviate from the flow pathway and impacts a filter fibre. This process is particularly effective for higher velocity, permanent media filters.

It can be used on air filters that use rodgrid inertial separators. The distance and diameter of the rod determine the collection efficiency of inertial separators. Large particles are more easily captured because of the greater inertial forces. However, small particles can move faster around the rods as the flow.

Separator for vane

The Vane Separator is an air filtration device that removes liquids from the airflow. This type of air filtration device is available in different configurations. A standard stainless steel vane removes large amounts of water from the airflow. Vane surfaces that are 0.50 microns or more rough will show a lower liquid breakthrough rate. Preheating the inlet fluid flow is possible to ensure the best performance of your Vane Separator.

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