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A pair of shoes

For anyone interested in pre-ordering the Alden 97786 Double Watlerlock Longwing and 45913H Reverse Chamois Boots (“Little Tanks”) for the August delivery, we will need your pre-order by 5PM Pacific on this Thursday 3/4/10.   **NOTE: This deadline is for all non-stock sizes.

Alden 97786 Double Waterlock Longwing
Leather: Walnut Brown Calf
Last: Barrie
Stock Sizes: 7-12 (only D widths)
Price: $450

Alden 45193H Reverse Chamois Boots
Leather: Tobacco Reverse Chamois
Last: Barrie
Stock Sizes: 7-12 (only D widths)
Price: $435

To pre-order, please contact or call us at 503.922.1298.  Deadline Thursday 3/4/10, 5PM Pacific.

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