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What is the basic principle behind this technology?

A person sitting in a car

Nowadays the technology has grown up to an extreme level. A lot of new inventions came. Among those inventions, the most appreciative one is the invention of automotive technology. This technology is really helpful for everyone. People may ask what is meant by automotive. It is the design of motors that are self-moving. The vehicles mostly running nowadays are self-propelled vehicles. The basic principle behind this technology is the Global positioning system which is also known as GPS, and Radio Detection and Ranging. It is shortly known as a Radar system.

Why electric automotive vehicles are chosen by the public?

Electric vehicles van move from one place to another place without the help of petrol and the diesel. It is a battery-based one. It is independent of petrol and diesel. Nowadays the price of petrol is too high. Hence it is difficult for the public to run petrol-based engine vehicles. For that the alternative way is the invention of electric vehicles. It is run by an electric current. So people’s choice is the electric automotive vehicles.

What are the benefits of using this battery-based vehicle?

Normal engines can create a high sound, but these battery vehicles are noise-free. So people who cannot able to bear a loud noise they can choose this option. In normal vehicle due to the combustion of engine the toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and Sulphur dioxides are emitted out. These gases are highly toxic to the environment and cause various health disorders such as asthma, lung cancer, etc… If we these electric automotive vehicles it is free from the emission of toxic gases because it is run by battery. Hence this invention is eco-friendly and it is safe to use. The batteries are rechargeable. It can be recharged several times.

What is the future scope for this automotive technologist?

We know that our future cannot exist without this automotive technology. So this technology has a bright future. Students who are all interested in this field can join the available online course and get certified. Because the automotive technologist need is highly wanted in the future. The number of designing the equipment is going on increasing because of the increase in the number of needs.

What is the role of an automotive technologist?

There are several sections in this field. Among all the sections designing field is highly required and this field is very important. Designing part is classified into three categories namely the exterior designing section, interior design section, and graphical design section. Exterior designing involves the outer parts of the vehicle, whereas interior designing involves the inner parts of the vehicle. The graphical section is very important among all three sections, because we can attract the public only through the graphics. Hence the person who is working in the graphical designing section must work very carefully. We should feel proud of such kind of an invention. We feel that we are in an advanced world.

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