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Why Should I Visit A Botanical Garden?

A botanical garden is a place dedicated solely to the collection, growth, maintenance and display of a large range of flora and fauna formally labeled with their botanical name. Botanicals are those plants that have been developed by man, and that are in a pure condition capable of being reproduced in the field by botanists, horticulturists and other persons having knowledge of plant propagation. This list contains thousands and thousands of plants. In order for a botanical garden to be successful, a good understanding of plant structure, growth habits, development, differences among species and their individual environments is crucial for the proper selection of the plants to the garden. The development of a botanical garden is not an easy task, but with proper planning and implementation a botanical garden can end up being one of the most impressive parks in the city. These spaces not only have spaces with plants. The creators also buy wooden benches and different natural furniture creating rest spaces for people to sit comfortably while enjoying the nature around.

The important concept that governs all the botanical gardens and their design is the presence of a huge variety of plant species that occur in varying habitats and require a suitable condition so as to grow and reproduce. This requires a lot of study and research so as to properly identify the different species, their respective environments and the various ways they can be brought together in order to achieve the desired outcome. It’s for this reason that many a time, plant species have been added to a botanical garden in order to increase its range, raise its colour varieties and increase its aesthetic worth.

In spite of the availability of so many plants and varieties, botanical gardens still tend to exhibit quite a few common characteristics. This is because all plant varieties are known to undergo natural fluctuations, be it seasonal or year-to-year. Some of these natural fluctuations can result in the differences between species as well as their spatial relationships. This is exactly what drives the field of cosmetic botany, where the ornamental value is primarily based on differences in plants’ demographic and physical conditions, on their spatial relationships and on the effects of these differences on the aesthetic value they’ll provide once the plants have grown and passed their prime.

Most botanical gardens take care of all of the floral growth of each plant and the development process of each one of these. But, there are other factors that should be taken into account before flowers can even begin to bloom. Among these factors are the soil type and the total climate conditions of the area. Quito, Ecuador is among the world’s prime destinations for botanical gardens. Here, visitors can see a few of the most unique flora and fauna on the planet.

The Botanical Garden of Quito is one of the crowning glories of Ecuador’s tourism department. Designed as a monumental landscape, the botanical garden boasts of nearly one hundred and fifty unique species of plants, in addition to, a whole slew of birds and mammals. It is truly a feast for the eyes. But, it is not just sight that people must soak up in the botanical garden; there is much to do inside it as well.

Besides sightseeing, the Ecuador botanical garden offers visitors a chance to experience the gorgeous lush environment which the area is noted for. There are tours of the region, wine tasting, and a variety of dining establishments that can cater to any palate. Visitors can also avail of coupons and discounts at participating establishments, further increasing their enjoyment. A visit to Quito or Corcovado will guarantee an invigorating experience of Europe’s beautiful botanical gardens and the rich culture of Latin America.

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